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  1. Avatar
    cahawk2001@yahoo.ca July 16, 2019

    Loved your video! Could you please tell me what your standard raised bed width is? Thanks.

    1. Curtis Stone
      Curtis Stone July 19, 2019

      32 inches on the inside of the lumber. On the farm, they were 30 inches on the ground.

  2. Avatar
    ckalbfleisch May 30, 2019

    Very into. I was surprised to see cucumber, zucchini, melons growing on string and trellis. Great idea.

  3. Avatar
    jnj May 25, 2019

    you need to mike up Roger. Had know idea what he was saying

  4. Avatar
    cultinate May 25, 2019

    yes!!!! love this curtis.your autos look great! very cool to see the growth habit of the kale/broc in the front yard garden compared to the greenhouse crop. love to get your thoughts on using a soap, neem and/or pyganic to kick back the aphids or other pests in a q and a?

    1. Avatar
      ShaneW May 28, 2019

      I would also like to hear your opinion on neem oil been used against pests

  5. Avatar
    Kimberlyburns65 May 24, 2019

    Great video and very informative. What temp is your greenhouse at now and does it change throughout the year or are you keeping it somewhat consistent?

  6. Avatar
    Jane May 24, 2019

    What would be successon crop after garlic coming to harvest in July for zone 6b?

    1. Curtis Stone
      Curtis Stone May 30, 2019

      Anything you can grow in 60-70 days.

  7. Avatar
    patjamann May 24, 2019

    How did you get into cannabis? Does Canada restrict how many plants you can grow? What do you use the crop for?

    1. Curtis Stone
      Curtis Stone May 30, 2019

      I’ve been into it for many years. There are restrictions, but nobody pays attention to them except the commercial growers.

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