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    Love_CO2 September 16, 2019

    Curtis- Thanks for your gentle reply. Yes, I have a habit of trying to not come off as a jerk, yet I end up digging a hole showing so. I should have replied in this manner:
    Hi Curtis- I have a suggestion on tools, implements and tractors used on the farms you visit.
    1) If possible, it would be nice to have the presenter show the tools and identify them, while explaining it’s use.
    2) If that is not possible (the presenter is in the field (not near the tool), you could do an edit in the film and show the tool in question.
    I think you have done similar filming, in the past.

    Regardless- I have enjoyed your videos going from almost the very beginning. I just never subscribed to youtube, due to the same issues you feel are compromising (tracking) and I have a love/hate relationship with them (owner is a Lib).
    With that said- I am a fan of yours, with the political talk.

    I’m heading down mid-week, too Indiana for my 50th HS class reunion, this weekend!
    I will satisfy my hunger along the way… for 2 wheel tractor weed control, at the annual “Mechanical Weed Control Field Day”, just west of Milwaukee, WI. The morning will be for 2 wheel tractor demos. The afternoon will be for 4 wheel tractors.
    Just google

    Anyway, I really enjoy your involvement and I got to meet Ray Tyler at the Wisconsin Organic Veggie Conference last winter.
    So cool…
    Ron from 4b Climate SE Minnesota.

    1. Curtis Stone
      Curtis Stone September 25, 2019

      Right on Ron. Thank you.

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    Love_CO2 August 31, 2019

    Chloe should have done more of a “Show and Tell”, with the tractors and implements!
    Other videos have shown this.
    I’m aware that many of the newbies are “city slickers” getting into the market, but there are many of of us that are old school, that depend on steel/iron specifics.

    When someone gives “generalities”, it leaves too many open questions.
    Please visually show the implement, the width, primary or secondary tillage, and the row specific implementation (in row/in between row/crops…. to do them, with etc., etc.

    Tractors also….
    It seems that Chloe looks at the tractor/implement as just a tool to just get get a job done- screwdriver/hammer.
    That’s fine.

    But that reminds me of my brother who bought a 4 wheel vehicle that got him to work.
    If you asked him the particulars about the car, he could care less. He would say, “It has 4 wheels and got me to work.”

    Curtis take note- With market farming, there are many variables,that will bring up many questions regarding this.

    1. Curtis Stone
      Curtis Stone September 2, 2019

      Point taken. But, I’m sure for someone like you who knows that much about tractors, Chloe isn’t going to blow your mind with anything you haven’t heard before.

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