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    EasternWoodlandsTrading March 3, 2020

    Hi Curtis,
    I’m learning a lot from this video and using it as a basis for my own garden plans this years. I’m wondering why your field spreadsheet appears to contains 2 sets of weeks per given month. Or is it something else? I’m finding this quite confusing, as I’m trying to use those colored blocks to determine rough estimates for how long individual crops will be in the ground.

    Thanks so much for this video! and very timely.

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    hiddenpandafarms February 22, 2020

    I noticed the extended block of ginger plantings on your chart. How do you start your ginger crop, and any advice about Getty a good yield?

  3. Avatar
    Loomi February 22, 2020

    Following you for years on YouTube, Crazy with excitement to sign up and at the beginning of my growing journey! From fantasy to reality ??‍??thank you Curtis?

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