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  1. Avatar
    Nimrod August 18, 2019

    Can’t agree more with previous replies. I think that moving from YouTube to an official site requires more editing so I can get a video that is 20 minutes (instead of 60) and have all information and relevant shots. Th

    1. Curtis Stone
      Curtis Stone August 18, 2019

      That’s good to know. I will try to do that more going forward.

  2. Avatar
    pbkvamsee August 12, 2019

    @farmerRick Drone shots at the beginning of the video give you an idea.

    FARMERRICK August 11, 2019

    Great video, to bad the new camera guy was always on the farmers and never the context of subject , didn’t see any of there gardens??

    1. Curtis Stone
      Curtis Stone August 14, 2019

      I know. We’re working that out. I put b-roll over the stuff I was shooting though.

    2. Texas Eco Farms
      Texas Eco Farms August 18, 2019

      I’ve been reluctant to say anything, but I agree. Too many shots way too zoomed in and not enough detailed shots looking at what is being talked about or pointed at. Unfortunately, it’s not just in this video. I was going to wait and see if it got better. I don’t mean to be hyper-critical, just want to give feedback because these are valuable opportunities to capture amazing farms and learn from them. I’m glad you’re going to work on this issue, Curtis!

      1. Curtis Stone
        Curtis Stone August 18, 2019

        It’s totally fair criticism. I’ll be shooting more content with Morgon soon and I will make sure we get more close up shots of what is being discussed.

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