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Finding the right land with Rob Avis: Part 1 – Asking the right questions

Rob’s land design tool

The Contour Map Generator / Self-Study Program
Start the Adaptive Habitat Self-Study by generating a contour map for your land:
Rob’s consulting practice
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Learn more about both the Self-Study and Premium version of the Adaptive Habitat Program:


8 forms of capital video




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  1. Avatar
    tssbone November 7, 2019

    Looking forward to seeing the next video! It will be a great resource. If it takes 3 years to roll out the whole series many of us may have already purchased the wrong property. :cry:

  2. Avatar
    CaeFarm October 30, 2019

    I have just recently joined your community and have been very pleased to see that a few of my other resources/sources of knowledge are people that you have connected with and provided content on. Both you and Rob have been great teachers to me and I’m extremely excited for the continuation of this series.

  3. Avatar
    KodaKaleAcres August 9, 2019

    I really enjoyed this video, but can’t seem to find the other parts in the series… did you guys continue on with this series?

    1. Curtis Stone
      Curtis Stone August 10, 2019

      It’s a really stretched out series. Haven’t done the next one yet.

  4. Avatar
    Jordan1235 April 7, 2019

    We’ve got a similar aim this year; to scale up now that our farm is successful, get our own larger piece of land and get more into the profitable farmstead ideal, so this series is great content for us.

  5. Combitz
    Combitz March 27, 2019

    Brilliant, thank you. I’m looking forward to this as we almost bought a 1.7 acre plot but someone beat us to it by a day, so looking to follow this series with great interest as it may show we dodged a bullet, or make me even more sick :/.

  6. Avatar
    Patrickec March 23, 2019

    His practice sounds very useful to help people looking for land get the best start possible. Thanks for continuing to upload interesting & applicable content.

  7. Avatar
    Flory March 23, 2019

    Wow thank’s

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