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Steadfast Farm 3 of 7 – Germination Chamber

In this video Erich shows us his germination chamber which is a repurposed upright freezer. A germination chamber is a place to germinate seeds for nursery crops or microgreens. I creates an optimal environment for seeds to germinate so that you get the best possible germination rate from your seeds in the optimal time.


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  1. Avatar
    BarbaraB January 27, 2019

    Videos like this are not very useful if we are not given the specs on the freezer size, fogger, thermostat etc. It would be really nice if a supplies list was included below the video.

    1. Curtis Stone
      Curtis Stone January 28, 2019

      Hey Barbara, I apologize for that, but it’s seriously simple to find all these things. You could just do an online search for any of this stuff. Probably all available on Amazon.

  2. Avatar
    ENRIQUE81 January 18, 2019

    where can i buy the temperature and humidity controller. Also the fogger.

    Thank you

    1. Avatar
      Jared January 20, 2019

      Interested as well. Eric, says he has two controllers which in all controls heat, cold, and humidity. In the video though, he looks to just be using a fogger/humidity maker in the bottom. Guessing he has the freezer plugged into the cold side of a controller, fogger unit into the humidity plug, and what exact his he using for a heat source as one is not inside the unit? Maybe Eric finds the fogger/water buck to be sufficient for heat and humidity, would be good to know more if we can find out? Inkbird is a brand of controller I see a lot of people using.

  3. SOYP_Acres
    SOYP_Acres January 11, 2019

    Erich said he choose a “specific” freezer. Any way to get the info on which freezer he decided to go with?

    1. Avatar
      Jared January 20, 2019

      In the process of building a chamber now, I bet he’s referring to making sure he purchased the larger of the standup freezer units which is the 20 cubic feet model. Brand and such, as long as it’s working, probably doesn’t matter. Key is getting the larger unit. I purchased a used smaller than 20cu to start with and I wish it was larger. Buying a newer or one with a warranty is probably good as my unit caught fire after 2 days of use, still using it though while I wait for another to come across my path.

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