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  1. James Price
    James Price July 12, 2019

    Great farm Justin, cool operation and very inspirational.

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    Thetanist April 30, 2019

    As a former Pest control company owner, DE does work… however you have to dust the bottom of the leaves not the tops. you can also add it to the compost and that will help get many things at the larvae stage. It worked so well that the entomologist I was working for from WSU Said I wasn’t allowed at his house (he had a wasp problem , I offered to help! The only thing I have seen it not work on is the bigger ants. Sugar ants yes. I still go to my moms house and put it around her house. She lives in a wooded area and the sugar ants are bad for her. In Montana we have a huge ANT issue. they actually help the aphids! I have yet to find a solution here for them. Thanks for sharing your farm! I Miss the weather in SO Cal!

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    John Harrison April 29, 2019

    Really enjoyed that video, thanks. Couldn’t help but think about how urban allotments (like community gardens) in the UK bring people of different races together. Great for social cohesion. Best example was a Asian neurosurgeon being advised on growing cauliflowers by a white builder’s labourer. Seems like urban farming helps break down barriers too :)

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    Alex April 28, 2019

    Great content! Thanks! Very useful and motivating at my stage of development. Also interesting to see that Justin, like Steven goes for outdoor tomatoes with lower-and-lean. I wonder how well that works in a climate more like yours, Curtis, or say Germany.

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    seaeckel@sbcglobal.net April 27, 2019

    tough to hear his responses- very good to see something so down to earth in operation as I begin my own!

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    Backyardbates April 27, 2019

    That was awesome. Thanks

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