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  1. Avatar
    Love_CO2 January 28, 2019

    Don’t forget that Wheetgrass is popular with pets. Maybe stop by pet stores and see if they would stock them? From on-line store: “Pet Grass may improve bad breath due to the high chlorophyll content found in wheatgrass. Pet Grass aids in digestion and hairball control. Both dogs and cats are fed high protein diets. Adding greens to their diets helps to balance the nutrients your cat/dog needs.”

    1. Curtis Stone
      Curtis Stone February 1, 2019

      I can’t imagine pet stores being a high value client.

  2. Avatar
    ShaneW January 28, 2019

    Hey, won’t load for me either on the desktop. The Internet is all good here :wacko:

  3. Avatar
    UrbanPiper January 27, 2019

    Can you tell us the material or packaging for the living wheat trays? how do you water them?

  4. Avatar
    jim.favreau@charter.net January 27, 2019

    Curtis: Will you be posting where Vanessa gets her trays?

    1. Curtis Stone
      Curtis Stone January 28, 2019

      She mentioned in the video where she gets her packaging, but if you mean her flats for growing, she buys all those locally. There’s a place in Calgary called The Professional Gardener that sells all that stuff. They’re an old school company with no website. They’re in the phone book.

  5. Avatar
    TurtleCat January 25, 2019

    Hi, started Wheatgrass, saw it was Vimeo, video stopped and loaded twice for lengthy time, went to play store, downloaded Vimeo app, closed the video, opened it again, once again, it opened in my browser, Duck, Duck, Go, no pathway to open in Vimeo.

    I’m on my phone. I’m upgrading from Samsung within days.??? Will watch the video, see if it takes inordinate time to load, Google fcuking with us???

    1. Curtis Stone
      Curtis Stone January 28, 2019

      Hmm, I’m not sure. Seems to be working fine for me. Still having problems viewing it?

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