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    kriegerben@gmail.com December 30, 2019

    Forbes Family Farm – Oliver BC
    Farmer’s Dotter garlic and garlic scape salt – Cawston
    Organic Only – Cawston
    Food of the sun – Cawston
    Ambercott Acres – Cawston
    (Tons of cool organic farms in Cawston)
    Amazia Farm – Oliver
    Boundary garlic – Midway
    Norwegian Creek farm (garlic) – Midway
    I know a couple of these farmers if you want contact info.

    1. Curtis Stone
      Curtis Stone December 31, 2019

      Nice. Thank you. I’ve known the Forbes boys for 10 years. If you happen to know someone at Boundary, let me know. I’ve tried to contact them in the past with no response. Most likely an outdated email address on their website.

  2. Avatar
    kriegerben@gmail.com December 29, 2019

    Hi Curtis,

    Thanks for all the great content.

    I’m interested in learning more about value added farm products as well as growing ginger for 2020. There’s a list of farms in the South Okanagan I would be interested to see on your show – would you be interested in potential farms to interview? Any ginger updates from the farms you’ve already posted about or JM Fortier would be much appreciated. Thanks again!



    1. Curtis Stone
      Curtis Stone December 30, 2019

      Hey Ben, yes please! Any Okanagan suggestions would be great!

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