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  1. Avatar
    Environ January 5, 2020

    Nice video, good idea !

    Suggestions for next videos would be :
    – more urban farms, maybe rooftop ? maybe in really big cities ?
    – some interesting stories about failed businesses and the lessons learned from them

    Best wishes for 2020 !

  2. Avatar
    Love_CO2 January 1, 2020

    Great video !!! I’ve always loved LOGISTICS !!!
    When showing someone my 4 plots around a commercial cell phone tower, with 10 foot wide drive paths, they asked, “Why not plow everything up an make one big plot?”

    I told them that this isn’t like an 80 acre corn field, where a Combine goes through and harvests everything.
    There are multiple species of veggies that will be picked at various times.

    I told the person, that Folks have to carry totes to a vehicle. A 70 x 90 plot, means carrying a heavy tote a total of 35 feet max (halfway point), is more than enough for them..

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