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  1. Avatar
    mlitsey April 3, 2019

    You mentioned in this video a list of great farmer to follow on social media. Can you provide that list here? Or perhaps you already made it available elsewhere? Thanks!

    1. Curtis Stone
      Curtis Stone April 12, 2019

      Singing Frogs Farm (Facebook)

  2. Avatar
    homebrookfarm March 14, 2019

    Excellent video! I learned a way to visual your audience by imagining a target and a bullseye – the bullseye is your target market like Curtis’ 45-65 aged empty nesters. Plenty of other people buy, like people in their 20s, etc, but those are on the outer rings of the target. Identifying the bullseye audience is the goal, the audience in the other rings will follow.

  3. Avatar
    ImbolcFarms March 11, 2019

    great video great content! 23:16, Kate drops some seriously awesome knowledge!

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