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  1. Avatar
    ricamz April 26, 2019

    Hi Curtis. Thanks for this great video. I really want the chicken info that Steve talked about.

    Quick questions: 1) why is Steven using drip irrigation instead of overhead irrigation (from your videos I thought that overhead irrigation were beneficial). 2) For what Stevens uses the shade – heat or insects? I am from Mozambique, and I kind of see that San Diego has a similar climate s we in maputo.

    Regards. Ricardo

  2. Avatar
    urbanfarmermark April 23, 2019

    Hey Curtis, hope you and the family are well. Thanks for sharing Steven’s Urban Farm and info…liked the interview and his lab!!
    All the best,
    Mark Iglesias
    Altamonte Springs, Florida

  3. Avatar
    John Harrison April 21, 2019

    That was really interesting – thank you. I’d not come across Steven before but will be looking up his content.

  4. Avatar
    Alex April 19, 2019

    Hey Curtis! Quick feedback: I thought it was useful to see you visit someone in the earlier stages of their development as a farmer. I have been following Steven’s work almost since he started making videos and it gave me some clarity to watch you guys engage, as he on the one hand accredits a lot of his techniques to you, yet is more experimental in many ways. For example to see that you were excited about his ideas on interplanting with the paperpot, rather than dismissive has value for me in my context. Thanks a lot to both of you! Still loving the site!

    1. Curtis Stone
      Curtis Stone April 19, 2019

      That’s great feedback Alex and I really appreciate that comment.

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