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  1. Avatar
    ike11ike January 6, 2020

    What is the music in the intro? It’s wonderful.

  2. Jonsson
    Jonsson October 17, 2019

    Each part of system has stacking functions and feeds itself. Genius. Nothing isolated, everything integrated with each component.

  3. Avatar
    DavidH October 12, 2019

    Awesome! My favourite video so far! Would love to see more like this…

    1. Curtis Stone
      Curtis Stone October 17, 2019

      Takota is a gold mine and has become a good friend. So, there will definitely be more in store from him.

  4. Avatar
    evergreen October 10, 2019

    Great video, thanks.

  5. Avatar
    Mort July 5, 2019

    What a very informative young man, well done very appreciative :yahoo: :yahoo:

  6. Avatar
    soverns June 26, 2019

    Amazing…so much valuable information here. :good:

  7. Avatar
    urbanabundance June 18, 2019

    This guy Dakota is awesome! Thanks Curtis for taking the time to get his profound insights out to us.

    More work = more pollution… So brilliant!

    Heading over to Part 2 now…. (:

  8. Avatar
    ricamz June 10, 2019

    Really enjoyed the video and it is really inspiring seeing this video. This is the ultimate farmer dream.. Regarding the field crops rotation (I believe Takota uses field rotation), can you clarify more in the rotation periods, crops used for rotation and how many fields (or rows) does he uses for the rotation ? Is it like JM Fortier planning?

  9. Avatar
    Tshireletso June 9, 2019

    hi i am a culinary herb farmer from Botswana, Africa. I would like to know how i can use regenerative farming with the type of crops (herbs) i grow. will i need to have mobile hoop-houses and poultry houses so that i can rotate them or im just going to need to grow more diverse crops than i am doing at the moment even though my vision was to just specialize on the herbs?

  10. Piney
    Piney June 7, 2019

    Thanks Curtis this video is so awesome. I’ve been looking into permaculture for years and I wish I had the land to do something just like this.

  11. Avatar

    Wow! Another awesome video! Curtis, more videos on ‘Combination Farms’ (permaculture/commercial market garden) and strawbale structures as featured here would be great! Makes one think about coming up with the right combination for where you live….

  12. Avatar
    JordanMc June 5, 2019

    Great video, a download of a lot of good info.
    How does he process the animals? Does he have a slaughter house?

  13. Avatar
    Dakotasdad June 3, 2019

    Awesome Video Curtis!
    Is he doing 30″ rows and high production veggie gardening, like you teach?
    Dakota Coen is a Great Resource!

  14. Avatar
    vic.todorovic June 2, 2019

    Great video. :good:

  15. Avatar
    Drylandfisheries June 1, 2019

    Fascinating. Really interested in all his extensive aquaculture stuff. Right up my alley!

  16. Avatar
    NC.Franz June 1, 2019

    Super cool, really enjoyed this, not just the information but getting some of the philosophy and reasons behind his methods was nice too.
    For your Q&A with him next time I would be interested to know who he turns to for inspiration both from his past, present and looking towards the future? I get the feeling he has many sources of influence.
    Cheers Curtis. :good:

  17. Avatar
    suarezesteban.a May 31, 2019

    Terrific! Really enjoyed this!

  18. Avatar
    Johnny May 31, 2019

    Super charming guy. Very inspiring. I’m trying to reverse engineer these techniques and shrink them down to a half acre lot.

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