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    tssbone November 11, 2019

    Great series. Looking forward to watching the latest videos you have of this farm.

    What is the name of the software he referenced a few times that he uses to design is water system?

    Whats the name/brand of the type of pump he uses? Thanks!

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    soverns June 26, 2019

    This 3 video series was absolutely phenomenal! Coen family has built an amazing operation. :good:

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    Thetanist June 11, 2019

    SO far I have to say this has been the most informative video series yet!!! Please don’t get me wrong, i love all the videos and am learning lots but My degree is in Marketing so that was a good review but not something totally new to me, the Aquaponics was great but I also have one greenhouse just for that. So this guy knows his stuff and I LOVE his passion for what he is doing and I am always looking for make my job easier! I love his methods and also the way he puts it al together. This video will be “dissected” and detailed notes will come out of this one!!! woo hoo!

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