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    Evan_Byrne February 7, 2020

    So awesome and so inspiring! This is almost exactly what I am planning on doing with my property in the high desert of California. Off grid solar, metal post harvest building, etc. Keep up the good work!

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    Peterl January 21, 2020

    Hey Curtis,
    The discussion on TEND was interesting. Not sure if you have done so previously? But would be cool to hear an interview with someone who is using Tend as a key part of their farm. Or demo from the creators etc.
    Keep up the great work,

    1. Avatar
      Jordan1235 February 5, 2020

      I believe Michael Kilpatrick is going to be chatting to the creators soon for SFU. They also offer a free trial which gives you a good grasp on it’s features.

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    Peterl January 21, 2020

    Hey Jordan,
    Awesome to see what you are up to. Great stuff!
    Just wondering what the High N organic fertilizer from WA you mentioned was? As I’m in WA :)
    And what size/ model tractor you are using? HP etc.?
    Good luck! Look forward to seeing your progress….

    1. Avatar
      Jordan1235 February 5, 2020

      Hey Peter,
      The nitrogen fertiliser I was trying to get was New Era High N. The tractor is 26hp, and it’s a remanufactured Kubota L2202DT.

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