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    urbanfarmermark February 6, 2020

    Hey Curtis! What’s up man… Hope you and the family are doing well.
    This clip of the restaurant is really cool. I just started working for a catering business that I deliver food 2 private jets and airports within our county. And I have the opportunity in creating an edible garden in the kitchen’s backyard. I’m going to start with herbs, which they totally need. So one day the manager asked me to go into the fridge and get some herbs, and I’m like what the fuck is this?! Because it was all brown and shriveled. LOL. So I suggested to the owner who has two of these kitchens one in Orlando and one in Tampa and he was totally for doing a garden on the property’s backyard. They have about an eighth of an acre so I told him I’m into gardening and would love to do some fresh herbs in the back and may lead to growing some greens and other vegetables!
    Orlando, Florida

    1. Curtis Stone
      Curtis Stone February 14, 2020

      That’s neat. Herbs are the kind of thing that you can do on a very small scale.

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