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  1. Combitz
    Combitz November 22, 2019

    I’m still trying to find a business model that would work here. Unfortunately @ $6-$7 per KG for carrots it would make sense but our upper average price for home grown carrots in the UK is 0.45p per KG so the $100k turns into just £17.5k. The study and search goes on though. Not trying to knock the video Curtis, the content is awesome which is why I’m here. :good:

  2. Avatar
    Alley November 22, 2019

    Engineering Toolbox has a table of common crops optimal storage conditions that is sortable

    I don’t see what their source for the data is though.

  3. Avatar
    HempyChick November 22, 2019

    Great information as usual. Good to see the little one tagging along with dad.

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