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    meganglore August 7, 2019

    Awesome. Thanks for replying Curtis!

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    meganglore July 27, 2019

    Do they have a flail mower implement and tarps? Or what is their process for cropping out and preparing a new bed?

    What is the width measurement of the tractor headways between their blocks of 50 ft sections?

    Thank you so much for the tractor content lately! Looking forward to more.

    1. Curtis Stone
      Curtis Stone July 31, 2019

      They have a flail mower implement for turning over crops. He mentions it in the video. But, if I understood correctly, they only flail mow when it’s a bigger crop. I think for the most part, they can run the power harrow over small spent greens crops, then let them sit for a couple weeks to break down, then he does a shallow cultivation again before planting.

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    arlok7TravelFarmer July 7, 2019

    hi Curtis,i think this gonna be a great topic to be followed cause if the production scale up like in the case of “vitruvian farm” a small tractor is nearly vital especially for bed prep etc.. i also think it would be nice to go in detail for settings of implements and see how they work and why they work in different contexts. this is a huge topic and nearly every farmer has is own tips and tricks.i work in a herb farm where we do even a small vegetable production and for example often i custom make some implements for doing the work in the easiest way or more effective way…so this is just a small suggestion and out there is really small information about this.

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