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  1. Avatar
    CharlieM August 30, 2019

    Excellent, community project and spirit for youth.

  2. Avatar
    ckalbfleisch August 29, 2019

    Great vidoe. Doing good work!!

    Quick question .. When you show the freshly tilled plot… What are the dimensions? I’m buying land and getting started so trying to visualize how much to plan for first year…

    1. Curtis Stone
      Curtis Stone August 30, 2019

      that plot was pretty small about 40×100 feet.

  3. Avatar
    luca.arghir7 August 1, 2019

    Hey Curtis!
    Thanks for the great content!

    If anyone else is interested, please make a video about: on farm lean compost making :)


  4. Avatar
    Cluckitfarmlv July 26, 2019

    We need more videos featuring farms like this! I’d love details on how to start

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