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    Tyrr October 30, 2019

    on the labels
    When I was interning on a beef farm, they used a label printer that delivers a label on a roll from a relatively small printer with easy touchscreen + scale with exact wheight printed on the label.
    don’t remember the brand for sure, but I think it was Brother.

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    Jordan1235 August 11, 2019

    This one saved me from making a serious design flaw in our new packing area. I’ve been puzzling out how to pack for 50+ veggie boxes and had planned to do it packing on a table one side and then rotating 180 degrees to shelving behind which would have all of the boxes laid out. And then have another set of tables and someone else on the other side of the shelving doing the same thing, 1 crate of produce at a time. It’s one of those times that you just can’t see outside the box.. As soon I saw Erics trolley on wheels I realised how insanely inefficient my plan was. We are going to do it back to front now though and have the produce crate and scale on the moving trolley and the boxes laid out on the tables/shelves either side and do a circuit. Great stuff.

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    7wondersfarm April 20, 2019

    What kind of scale was he using? I’m not finding anything under “ACRS scale”…Thanks!

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    Theplotmarketgarden April 11, 2019

    Hi Curtis,

    Could you please tell us what size boxes Eric uses? I’m also wondering about the box liners – are they gusseted 1 mil or 2 mil bags and what size? What material are the moisture papers? Apologies for all the questions – there are so many options online and I can’t seem to find much locally. Thanks for the info – we will definitely be interested in your boxes once they come out.

    1. Curtis Stone
      Curtis Stone April 12, 2019

      The boxes are 19 x 13 x 7.5, the liners are gussseted and 1 mil or 2 mil works. The moisture papers are just that, for that box size.

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    Zepi April 8, 2019

    I would totally buy boxes. Love the idea of uniformity

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    ShaneFranklin April 7, 2019

    Thank you for the valuable information. After you all have time to figure out the particulars, I would be interested in more information on the potential box and label services mentioned.

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    Wildearthdetroit March 30, 2019

    Another excellent and super helpful episode! I was unsuccessful at finding those scales. Any chance we can find out the name a little more clearly or where he gets them? Those look great. Thanks

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    suarezesteban.a March 29, 2019

    This is awesome, thanks! Do you know if those labels can be printed with a regular laser printer?

    1. Curtis Stone
      Curtis Stone April 12, 2019

      I don’t see why not.

  9. Combitz
    Combitz March 29, 2019

    Slick operation.

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    mfalconer March 29, 2019

    priceless info. Thanks Curtis and Eric!

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