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    Marietta February 6, 2019

    I’m wondering how much space a single four foot sunblaster covers? I’m also unsure how to install something like that over a table that I have in my basement that I plan to start seeds on. Any suggestions on videos to watch?

    1. Curtis Stone
      Curtis Stone February 7, 2019

      They will cover 4 1020 flats. There’s not much to the install, they’re standard 120v plug-ins and you just hang them up.

  2. Avatar
    neilellis February 5, 2019

    hi. i wonted to let you know on amazon and ebay, 4 foot led tubes are now vary affordable. i have got 10- 18 watt as low as $100 Canadian and if you buy more they go down in price. thought id let everyone know. great for if any old ballasts burn out. you can just cut the ballast out and wire it direct, they run on 110 current so no need for ballast. this has saved me many times.

    1. Avatar
      MarkWilliamson April 20, 2019

      It would be helpful for you to link where you found these lights

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