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Marcheta Albert 07:51

What are your thoughts on making the u shape around you? The table in front and a table on each side of you. What are your thoughts? My market has frontage limits or bigger cost for being there.

Ivan Sanjug 10:51

how far would you advise someone to go in order to instruct customers on how to extend the shelf life of the product they sold them, and how careful should someone be when instructing their customers in order to avoid giving “unwanted lectures”: in the time of purchase ( regarding, for instance, that many people are first time being introduced to some product or the customers in general are not well educated in storing and handling products that somebody sells ) and especially if the customer  came back  with a complaint that you think probably is due to their lack of knowledge about storing and handling ( would you make a remark on how to store something better next time while applying the rule “customer is always right”) ? and what do you think about writing storing and handling information on the packaging of the product?

Jonathan Correa 15:28

I have been farming for about 4 years now, and have gone through several iterations of market streams. We’re setting aside the CSA to focus on a great relationship I’ve cultivated with a restreaunt here in Madison Wisconsin. This restaurant helped us purchase a 24×72 hoop house and is committed to buying from us. If you could make a video talking more in-depth about planning for greens production, or we could do a one on one id be elated. I feel like i let them down last year because we were trying to do to much, and failed to really support their needs. On average, this one restaurant goes through 50-75lbs of mixed greens every week. they’re opening two more locations this year, and i would really like to knock this out of the park, as well as becoming a more organized farmer.

Matthew Bray 24:41

I am building a high tunnel 12’x24′ this spring for crop extension, at both the beginning and end of my growing season. I would like to set up a simple irrigation system that cycles 2-3 times a day.

Do you have a preferred method of irrigation for high tunnels? Looking online there are several options eg. overhead sprayers,  misters and foggers. There is also drip irrigation that I’ve seen you use in your YouTube videos. I plan to use landscape fabric for weed control on my tomatoes, peppers and head lettuce. Ultimately I want a low maintenance system.

Amanda Nelson 29:21

1. Could you tell me your spacing for cilantro and how long it takes to grow back once cut (if it does) 2. What are your tricks for keeping your greens fresh on your table display on hot days and 3. Have you ever had trouble with your roots getting rubbery after refrigeration or on your market table- what have you done?

Mike Libsch 35:30

We use coolbots here in home built walk in coolers. These allow us to store fall harvested root crops (potatoes, carrots, turnips, radishes, parsnips) well until Christmas. After that, many of our crops sprout, wilt, and get hairy. We probably need to reduce the temps from high 30s to closer to freezing. We also need a way to increase the humidity without causing mold to grow on our crops. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Additionally, I was interested in your radish example. I am not sure if you were using it to demonstrate the concept of changing DTM or if you are really able to grow them through the entire summer. Her in NY, our radishes have always bolted when planted after May 15th. We do plant storage radishes in August, but have never been able to keep radishes going during the summer. That said, we have seen other growers with radishes at market mid summer. I am not sure how they do it. Do you have any thoughts on techniques that would help to keep radishes going through long summer days?

Cynneth Bonanos 43:01

I currently run my own business in an industry completely unrelated to farming, however, this year, I’m growing a few things (pea and sunflower shoots, tomatoes, radish and Summer squash) at home to sell on to friends, family and a few chefs that I know personally.  We live in a small home that we don’t own so are limited on space and I’ve been looking at a solution for post harvest cold storage.  I don’t want to invest in a big walk in cooler as this would be unnecessary for the small amount I’d be growing.

How does a small grower store produce?  I’d really be interested in your take on this?  I’ve thought of simply harvesting on delivery days, buying a beer fridge (although they are pricey here in the UK) or simply building a small insulated box to utilise the coolbot – might be an overkill.  I may be missing something that your experience can shed light on.

Matt Frl 48:34

Are you still using quickbooks?

Can you offer any observations about the quickbooks online payment platform versus PayPal and square?

Miranda 54:38

Do you consider yourself growing sprouts or micro greens? According to the US FDA, they differentiate them here:…

Keith Arkenberg 1:01:21

I have questions from both ends of the season.

When overwintering greens do I need to cut them back before the cold weather arrives?

To get 3 cuts from Salanova, how young do I take my first cutting?  It always seems that by the second cut the plant in out of gas.

Nicolas Brown 1:09:56

I love what you do, and it has been such a huge resource in my wife and I planning our farm. We are doing something a little different and are not going to be urban. But i cannot find any way to prep virgin fields without tractoring it to hell and destroying what are already solid layers of organic matter. i need to remove grasses without damaging the soil and prep for solid beds, would tarping work? how do you prep someones lawn for gardens when you contract with new people? any help you can provide would be SO HUGELY appreciated.


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  1. Cynneth
    Cynneth February 19, 2019

    Thanks Curtis, appreciate you taking the time to answer! I’m busy weighing up all my options. Ultimately, it’ll come down to cost. I’m up for building a small cooler using the cool bot so hopefully I sort it out!

  2. Avatar
    Pablo February 15, 2019

    Thanks for taking your time with this video :good:

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