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05:50 – Donalee
Curtis I just received some new trays from my son in law. I have a few questions. I watched the youtube video that said you increased your seeds by 20% to to fill the trays. I also watched the lady how she waters from the bottom. I like this for the micro greens and when I get started back up again (greenhouse burned in a fire in OCT) I plan on ordering the new solid bottoms. my question is do the new bottoms allow the tops to nestle in closer so that the soil comes in contact with the water? The video on the bottoms doesn’t really address this question.
Another question/suggestion when i am listening to your vlogs, I am often flying or driving. or working in the greenhouse, I often get interrupted (phone calls or people interruption) and when I start again it always goes back to the beginning then I have to fast forward. How can we make it remember where we left off? and can we make it downloadable so when I are not in range or crappy service with no wifi we can still listen? Thank you for sharing your knowledge, I know I appreciate it!
08:31 –  Ken McMullen
Subject: Starting a sustainable market farm venture
I am working towards setting up a scalable market farm, hopefully using the info you have or could provide, that will start out as a 1 location living lab that I can then work on scaling and producing several other sites throughout the Midwestern US. I hope to anchor these inCollege communities when there will be an abundance of customers looking for health, sustainable, agroforestry products. ( greens, fruits, etc). I was wondering if you had more videos or advice on doing this.
I will be trying what is called syndicate funding so some help with numbers specifically would be great. I know you are extremely busy, I appreciate all you have already done for the community at large and I hope to be able to learn from you. Thanks
Ken McMullen, MELP

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    vjante May 10, 2019

    Hi Curtis
    I had asked the question on weeds couple of weeks back, I am not able to see your response. Appreciate your support
    Thank you
    Vasant Jante

  2. Avatar
    neilellis April 14, 2019

    hi there, i just wonted to let you know, i wouldn’t be where i worked so hard to be today if it wasn’t for you buddy. your nolige and confidence rubbed off on me i think, wile watching you grow your self.and i must say wow.. i have been destine for this my hole life, it just toke you showing the way. i have always loved to grow flowers and food. but about 4 years ago when u first started the blog, i really started doing it, and have rarely looked back since. i spent a large chunk of money i had saved for a safety net . and have bootstrapped the farm from there. the first two years where tough but i do love what i am doing, this year is my third year of sales, and i am the sole operator. i now have 5 retailers for micros and 5 restaurant. last year i had 3 and 3, and with a 5 month Saturday market and 2 month Wednesday market i pulled 27.000.00 sales from the farm. 15.000.00 just from the farmers market. this year my retail sales are way up and restaurant as well.. i just wont you to no i am a member and will always follow you because this is what i love, and you showed me that.. ps i farm three back yards, one being my own. and i purchased a 1 acre lot that is over half planed to be used for a building lot some day. and up on side i now have 19 50 foot beds in production 12 of witch are under cover and 8 of witch are heated year round, in my 30 by 48 gothic witch was my first purchase in august 2016 to start my endeavor and go all in. i now have 35, 50 foot beds total between all 4 plots, for this season, and only farmed 17 beds last year for the markets.. i can now say i wouldn’t change it if i could, i am now more then self sufficient and its only up from hear. hope someday to meet you friend from you friend in bear river, nova scotia Canada..

    1. Curtis Stone
      Curtis Stone April 16, 2019

      That’s awesome dude. Thanks for the comment.

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    Hey Curtis,

    i’m only doing salad greens, mircros and eggs for my clients this year, as last year I grew WAY to many different products and didn’t relly do any of it well as I was all over the place. HOWEVER, the salad and micros were staples I sold every week. That being said, I am hoping to get any insight on grwoing salad greens through the summer. When is the right time to throw on the shade cloth? I’m on coast of VA (zone 7) and can I just use my agrobon netting instead of shade cloth? Thanks!
    Catherine@ Ol Yeller Orchard

    1. Curtis Stone
      Curtis Stone April 16, 2019

      Hey Catherine, I’ll add this one to this weeks Q&A. Great question and thank you.

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