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    NC.Franz April 27, 2019

    Thanks Curtis, you defiantly confirmed a lot of what I thought would be the case, It’s great that you make yourself so available like this.
    I am currently in Germany but moving back home to Australia in 2020 and looking to start my project there in 2021.
    And of course I leave you and your family an open invitation for any time after that.
    I also plan to vlog about my project, not because I think I know what I’m doing, but because I think it is important for people to see the starting process and they can also then learn from all the mistakes and failings I am sure to make along the way. ‘I am not a teacher but a do-er and in doing so I hope to teach’
    I would also suggest Karl Hammer and ask the question ‘if he was starting now, from nothing, how would he do it?’
    Also maybe the composting company from the Vanessa Hanel interview might be interesting.
    I would be awesome to see someone who has started in the last 2-3 years, maybe Karl Hammer has some leads there?
    Thanks again Curtis, loving what your putting into the world man!

    1. Avatar
      NC.Franz April 28, 2019

      Also, it seems Steven Cornett might know of some people messing around with composting systems and have some leads.

    2. Avatar
      NC.Franz May 4, 2019

      Just herd about Jay Armour from ‘Four winds Farm’ in Gardiner, NY.
      He is doing his own composting for a 4 ache no till market garden with a forced air composing system, sounds interesting.
      Hope that is helpful Curtis :)

      1. Curtis Stone
        Curtis Stone May 6, 2019

        Right on. Thank you.

  2. Avatar
    wendi April 22, 2019

    what is the name of the white insect netting used? it looks stretched

    1. Curtis Stone
      Curtis Stone April 26, 2019

      It’s called ProtektNet. You can get it from a variety of places.

  3. aggelosfarm
    aggelosfarm April 19, 2019

    Thanks curtis i’ll try out the orange fencing only on a 1/4 to start so that should work out really well

  4. Avatar
    Alex April 19, 2019

    An expert on compost that i’d like to hear is Karl Hammer, from Vermont Compost Company.

    1. Curtis Stone
      Curtis Stone April 19, 2019

      Great recommendation.

    2. Curtis Stone
      Curtis Stone April 19, 2019

      Just reached out to Karl. I’m going to be out there in late August, so hopefully, he can be available.

    3. Avatar
      carlson April 19, 2019

      That’s awesome. Although I’m just a home gardener, I like learning about the business of small scale farming. I’m definitely interested in what makes a good compost!

    4. Curtis Stone
      Curtis Stone April 22, 2019

      Karl Hammer is confirmed Alex! Thank you for the suggestion. I will be out there in late August.

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