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Answering some of your messages and scanning the comments 00:00 – 09:46
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Singing Frogs Farm (Facebook)
Chris Polk – 09:46
Question: Do you have details (manufacturer, weight, grade. Etc) on the geotextile fabric used for microgreens at Wise Earth Farm?
I’ve been mulling around for the appropriate bed cover for germinating carrots and doing field micros (maybe trial your shade clothe technique as well), and I’m hoping you can help me nail down the geotextile John Hoffer uses at Wise Earth. I’d like to find a good general purpose permeable material for occulatation, germination, and compost cover I’m sure you’ve seen them all, but between Wise Earth and Ridgedale, I’m leaning more towards geotextiles over woven black poly.
Thank you,
bryan brown – 10:58
A question about similar soils and growing tomatoes in holes .
From listening to some of your videos we have similar growing conditions. Hot summers ,and Clay soils .
Im in my mind a hobby gardener wanting to move forward to full time farmer.
I have my 18 x 36 hoop house frame built only. Currently no plastic pulled. Since the weather is already in the 80s would there be any benefit to pulling plastic now or waiting til fall ? I have tomatoes going now with radish as a companion crop. I worry the plastic will only create a overheat condition ?
My second question
Last season I noticed my root ball on the tomatoes was maybe 1 gallon total volume when pulled for the season. Have you ever or do you see benefits of digging maybe 3 gallon holes when planting and adding amendments to just the hole area since this is where the root ball lives. Can early growth practice of withholding water create a larger root ball by forcing the roots to search for moisture . Then when the root structure is created the plant would have the ability of higher nutrient intake.
Since I only have room for maybe 60 plants would the time spent be worth the benefit.
My space is 1/8 acre and just trying to maximize yields .
Really enjoying the site and have been following you for years , the book is a great resource. Rock on brother !
Alex and Savannah – 14:42
Hey Curtis!
My wife Savannah and I have got one foot in the door on farming and are looking at everything we can. Your channel has so much good stuff! Mostly view on youtube..
Your comments are off, saw that video, and your website says you are too busy to answer questions about farming.
You seem like someone really interested in helping people so i thought i’d reach out.
Maybe even if you just direct me to the best information sources for my garden set up it would help! Theres so much info out there..
We’re looking at anything and everything including JM, Elliot, youtube, and our 1 organic farmer at our Saturday market.
All that and i have one question:
Your video: lawn -> farm, says mark weeds on map, solarize over winter, dig out remaining white weeds in spring, till, make beds. You said yourself you dont tackle beautiful lush lawns.
We started by removing sod in shape of our hopeful garden. Now what? Solarize dirt? Put in amendments then solarize for 2-4 weeks? Make beds? Test soil?
We’re zone 7, Northern Va. lots of clay about 4inches below dug out sod.
You can see setup in video.
I am in this for the long haul and don’t have another job. This is moms backyard before we get a yard ourselves. Just want to start it right, even if i removed sod prematurely.
I am highly motivated and hopefully from video you can see, ready to work.
Any and all advice welcome!
Thank you for so much awesome content already! Looking into website membership.
Apologies for long winded email but there’s a lot to cover.





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  1. Avatar
    Akidd91 May 6, 2019

    Thanks for the quick follow up, pretty cool to be mentioned in podcast :D

    Also great info, we have fully removed sod in the final
    shape of the garden for now and are mapping and getting right into bed prep.

    -Alex and Savannah

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