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Jeff Hudson – 00:32
1.) you keep telling us in your podcasts to use your email. But it’s not posted. It’s not clear if this is what you want us to use or something else. A clearer communication path in contacts would help. Maybe a special email for weekly Q&A, one for general questions, etc.
2) I Don’t Want to Farm: I’m retiring soon, but own a very nice small farm (32 acres) in Sequim Washington. Currently just hay, but it’s Zone 8, across from Victoria. For your new book, a chapter for both land owners and young farmers on how to set up a legal arrangement that protects both the land owner and the farmer. As a land owner, I worry about the place being trashed and then abandoned as the reality of hard work sets in. I also worry about people being on the land without proper insurance, etc. I also would like to know how to arrange for use of other farm resources, tractors, sheds, etc. I want a young couple to use the land and reap its potential. I’m not looking to make money off a lease, just maintain infrastructure. So an easy to follow way to facilitate that as a land owner would be helpful.
Svein Børre Evensen – 06:31
Subject: Paperpot for carrots
Hi, looking at your post from weelbarrowsfarm, do others use paperpot for carrot transplant?
I am farming at 69° and to have carrots earlier by transplanting would be great. My earliest small carrots are sold for 12,8 CAD. So it*s valuable to be early, A 1″ chain Wold be great for this.
Svein Børre
Gabriel Feldman – 10:23
Hi Curtis
My tomatoes have suffered from blossom end rot in the past year what do you recommend to remedy this.
I use compost and rabbit manure on beds
Growing in zone 6 high desert of New Mexico so a little on the alkaline side, sandy/silt soil
Thank you, Gabe
JR, – 12:51
My wife and I are located in Lawrence ks and wanting to start a market garden from scratch. We found some land that has heavy clay soil. So this year we are going to work on amending the soil and setting up infrastructure but have low funds. Would you recommend getting a loan for start up? If so, do you have any recommendations on where to get a loan in the U.S. without a degree in horticulture or should we get a degree?
We have also noticed not much fruit being grown in our area. What kind of sweet fruits would you recommend for a market garden?
JR Board
Elliott Forsyth – 20:26
Subject: Beetroot multiplants not bulking up
Message Body:
Hi Curtis
I have elongated beetroot in my multiplant transplants. I have sown them in 42s to give them more space and reduce competition but that results in longer time in the tray as it fills it out. Should I sow them in 72s and plant out earlier is this preferable? Is there any other reason for beetroots that fail to get round? Apart from this they are putting on good leaves and look healthy enough. My turnip multiplants seem to be doing fine in a 42 it is our first season and multiplants are new to me.

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