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Sam Starsiak – 01:27
Hey Curtis,
We do a small amount of micros for restaurants weekly grown in our small seedling house. As the season heats up, we put shade cloth up, and some combination of the heat, shade, and probably other factors seems to inhibit the lush growth that we get in cooler seasons as well as some legginess. We mostly do red cabbage and a spicy salad mix. We’ve had trouble getting good germination on things like micro cilantro, chervil, leeks etc but would like to have those in our offerings as well.
We do have some T5, and some LED lights, and will experiment with using those while the shade cloth is up.
I’m wondering if you have any advice for growing in a greenhouse setting that has much more fluctuation than a lot of the more advanced and/or setups that we’ve seen you highlight.
Thanks much,
Shane Wilson 10:43
Hi Curtis,
I have a question about lettuce, i am growing both loose leaf and headed and there is something on the leaves that looks like dimples or rough patch its hard to explain. Its everywhere on headed but only here and there on the loose leaf. I will send a picture when you reply to this (hopefully through email) as i saw no attachment option on this page.
yoni danor 13:11
Hey curtis,
Im market gardenning in Israel (weve been in touch previously..)
Tomato question – my outdoor trelissed cherry tomato plants are now about 2.5′ tall, with 2-3 fruit clusters on each plant. Transplanted on april 17 (40 days ago). Looking quite good. Been pruning suckers and now also lower leaves in past 2 weeks. The leaves have curled a bit (see photo) in past few days. Happens every year since i started 3 years ago.
Do you know the explanation for this. I believe this weakens the plant.. (i assume watering issues? Prunning too close to watering time?)
Another short question- ive asked you previously regarding issues with mole crickets…(chewing roots of young plants -lettuce, tomato etc..big losses).
Id love to hear if anyone who knows this pest has suggestions how to control..
Thanks alot, have a great week!

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