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Jeremy – 01:36
Hey Curtis! I have a few questions this week, no worries if you dont have time/dont want to address them all. I put them order of importance to me, but feel to answer as you wish. Seems like there havent been a ton of questions lately, so I thought I would send a few.
  • I have a full time job and do market gardening on the side. I’ve mostly been selling product through farmers market, but this year I connected with a local cooperative CSA (about 80 members) to do their salad mix. A combination of the cold wet spring, my own bad timing on successions, and flea beetle apocalypse caused by not putting insect netting on my arugula and baby brassicas on day 1 has me looking quite short for the 40 pounds per week I need the first 2 weeks. In the past I’ve heard you talk about your “Shoots and Leaves” mix you used to do. I was wondering if you could share a little about which micros are appropriate, which aren’t and if there is any special process or considerations to prolong shelf life. Also is there a target  or ideal shoot:leaf ratio?
  • I enjoyed your recent conversation with Scott Hebert about life after farming. In it you mention 100+ hour weeks for the last decade. I know a lot of that was teaching, consulting, and creating content, etc…which I assume you did out of love and personal interest. Now you have a family, as do I, and you want to prioritize your time with them. I’m wondering how difficult/realistic do you think it is to make a decent living…maybe $40-60k take home pay working and average of 40-50 hours per week doing just small scale farming and not all of the other stuff?
  • You’ve mentioned how market gardening has influenced your home garden. I was wondering if your home garden has influenced the way you think about market gardening. Seems like you get a pretty continuous supply of a lot of things, but maybe a couple that jump out are the celery and brocolini. Are there any ‘steady’ crops like this you think would be worth growing a bed or two of? Mostly looking to add some table diversity at farmers market with crops that are pretty productive, generally low labor and fetch a relatively decent price. I feel like we may have hit the ceiling on micros, salads, and roots and I don’t have time to find other market streams right now. I might be maxed out on how much time and brain power I have to turn over and replant high rotation beds, so some continuous harvest crops have a lot of appeal.
Thanks for taking the time.
Jeremy, Michigan, USA
Alex and Savannah – 19:24
Love the latest content.
Really glad we’re members :D
Have another question:
We have seen the video where you swap your drip for overhead irrigation and assume that you are still on it. (Video says 1yr ago.)
Did you work out times for best yields on various types of crops?
We have sprinkler irrigation and are trying to figure out how long to run them on which days of the week. Also did you need more water for germination? Our first lettuce sprout is in an area that gets more water due to a leak initially.. Otherwise we are transplanting plants that are germinated under lights.
Again, we’re Va and irrigating cucumbers tomatoes and peppers. And Salad mix!
Alex and Savannah
Pic of current layout: