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Matthew – 2:27

Hi Curtis,
I apologize if this has been asked before, but I’m wondering what sort of sales and inventory management software most small farmers are using, and if they tie that to any ecommerce solutions.
I’m envisioning a system where the sorting station scale can measure quantities of product, then print a barcode/price label, and simultaneously update an inventory database which is tied to an ecommerce platform in a single step. So local customers can buy your product online and schedule pickup/delivery.
Are you aware of any small farms that are using a system like this?  I thought it might make for a good addition to a Q&A video.
Thanks Curtis,
Thanks for the direct reply.  I wasn’t expecting one, and truly appreciate it.
I reread my question, and I realize that it’s written poorly and emphasizes the wrong idea.
What I really meant to ask is: Are small farms using ecommerce?  What tools are they using specifically?
Is there an app customers can use to find small farms near them, browse and purchase product,  and schedule delivery/pickup?  ThinkAmazonPrime/Airbnb for local food.
I think it would function similary to the REKO rings Richard Perkins talks about, but more accessible.

Fernando – 7:13

Hi Curtis, I would like to listen your thoughts and expierence in hiring people for the market garden. Right know I am working 95% by my self, now less than 1/4 of acre but expanding soon to a 1/4 of acre (my market garden is one year old, 25 minutes from Madrid city center, Spain). I am selling my produce to a couple of restaurants, a couple of organic grocery stores, and farmers markets. I do everything by my self, from seeding and harvesting to driving to the city center of Madrid to deliver my produce. I have some temporary help from people but nothing regular yet. I know that hiring the right person for arround 20 hours per week is something necessary if I want to survive and expand, and I am searching for it. But it would be very nice if you talk a bit -in your q and a section- about this.
I already have had an apprentice for five weeks, with good outcome for both, but this kind of help, although usefull, cannot become in my opinion my primary work force.
Young people or not so young? What kind of profile in your experience I should look for? Love to here something arround this subjects.
Thanks a lot
Mark & Julie Bankert – 14;21
I may not have explained properly.
The radish are wet in the center portion of the tray when we cut them.
#1.  Any idea why they seem to be wet in the center of the tray?
#2.  What kind of spinner do you recommend for spinning microgreens?
Julie Bankert
Mark & Julie Bankert

edouard – 17:33

Dear Curtis,
Thank you so much for your youtube Channel, I just have discovered it today and it’s amazing,
I present myself, I live in France and I just begin to learn about microgreeens entrepreneuship. I am an Engineer for an international company, also a professor in project Management in Lille university and an entrepreneur with lighting stores in France.
I would like with a Friend to start this new activity (he is an agronomist Engineer), but we would like to have some advice, video links or books to read before starting in order to be well prepared. We are focusing on Organic preparation, seeds etc.,
Thanks a lot in advance for your help,
Have a nice day,

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