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Greg Meyer – 02:46

I’m also wondering if you could go into some specs detail with John at Wise Earth Farm about his wash/pack station that you did a video on a few months back. I’ve done some research myself, but wondering if he could provide specs and sources for things like: Farrowing crate panels that he uses for his tables and how he built the frames for those tables; his color coded whiteboard. Those are what I’m specifically interested in. I bet others have similar questions and maybe want specs on other aspects of his pack house. And maybe if he would have done something different as well or if he likes as is.

Link to John’s pack shed


Paddy Power – 10:39

Greetings from Ireland I hope you are well, and thanks for the amazing content so far both on the website, on youtube and in your book they have all helped me so much in planning and setting up my market garden. I was wondering if you would be able to do some content around soil nutrient testing and pH testings and what equipment you and others use to test as well as soil improvers and conditioners such as fertilizers, products for altering pH and the use of mycorrhiza for optimizing yields.


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