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If any of you are interested in joining my microgreens course, here is a $200 off discount.

Jake Purcell 04:52
I have been trying to figure out something that I was hoping you could help me out with.
To give you some background on what I am working on; I am considering a partnership/co-ownership with someone that has an established microgreen business in Houston Texas where I live. Initially, I was going to simply do a summer internship with his company to get some real-world experience. After the initial conversation, it transitioned into me working for him full time. I considered it and I thought about it for a while and realized that I have been working really hard for the last three years to start my own company and grow. So I made a counter offer of partnering up with him in a different capacity as a business partner/co-owner. Not knowing what that looked like I told him I would try to work out the details and make a proposal. I am going with the thought that I will run the mushroom division and he can run the microgreens while we help each other through challenges as we grow. I do not have a lot of capital to invest in his company and would be simply presenting myself and my experience as a value proposition. My question is how would I present my partnership to the owner in a way that would make it possible for me to actually become part-owner as opposed to simply working for him?
Additionally, we are seeking investment to expand the company and trying to get a valuation of the company. It is a difficult number to figure out. What would you say a microgreen company with 20k in monthly sales is worth in an acquisition type of scenario? I need to know what comparable companies that have been bought should be worth to speak with an investor about since this is a key metric they are interested in when considering an investment. Have you worked with any farms that have purchased smaller farms or microgreen operations? If so what do they typically purchase the company for? (2x, 3x, 4x yearly sales volume) This information will really help me to decide on? a couple of things. First, if the company I am considering to be a part owner, is it worth my time and money Secondly, when I speak with investors what is the potential for the company to be bought out in the future based on comparable models in the marketplace?
I really appreciate you helping me figure this all out. I want to ask you a ton of questions and I hope we will still get a chance to meet up on July 1st? I know you are crazy busy and I really appreciate your time.
Hope all is well.
Antoine Ratheau 12:50
Hi Curtis,
I have a question about a marketing plan I have in mind, If you prefer to answer it in a video, just tell me a will wait for the video !
We are new to our region (2nd year). Last year we grew only for restaurant and it was a “test” year. This year we want to step up, and sell in our village and villages close.
Since no body really knows us in the region I thought about a marketing plan.
We are young parents and are concerned about what children eats, So I thought about a kind of “young family” card who offers a 10% off of every vegetable on the whole season, for parents with children under 5 years old. And the same will be offer to private daycares.
What do yo think about it ? Is is a good idea? is 10% too much or too low? Any advise about it? What do you think as a parent/farmer/consultant?
Thank you very much for this website, It has the value of a masterclass but for a fraction of the price.
Fernando 18:46
Hi Curtis, thanks for your efford, your membership site is improving every week.
I would like to ask you a few things related with marketing. First one: how much does it cost to you guys to participate in farmers market in Canada and/or north America in general?
I know that this depends on the location, but say for example we talk about a middle size city or a big city. I find that farmers markets here in Madrid are not cheap at all, but I have nothing really to compare with. I made my debut at farmers market on december, and I made 400€ per day, but I had to pay 100€ per day for the market stall. I know i can make much more than that since I was new at the market, but does it make sense to pay 25% of your sales just for covering the market stall? It would be fantastic to here your thoughts about this.
The other question has to do with the distances between your operation and shops and restaurants that you are saling to. How close are your saling points from your operation? Have you ever charged for delivery?
Thanks again.