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1. Trey Johnson 01:42

If the NRCS high tunnel grant gives me the choice between one high tunnel and several caterpillar tunnels, which one should I choose? I’m in southern Louisiana

2. Amanda Nelson 05:31

What humidity percentage should I keep my germination chamber at for lettuce and other greens?

3. Kenneth 06:40

How much time should one spend on logo design and packaging? Are things like social media necessary in the first few years? Basically what are all the little tings that can make or break the business in the building years?

4. Richard Wheyland 13:53

We are starting a market garden on an acre. We have existing infrastructure for flood irrigation (24 inch beds, 12″ furrows). The original plan was to use a combo of overhead and drip. However, to use the conventional drip and overhead would require a pond or large water tank, along with the cost of setting up the irrigation infrastructure. In my irrigation rotation we receive 5 acre inches of water one day a week (24 hrs). My questions: 1. Do you have experience or know of anyone who uses flood irrigation in a market garden context? 2. If so, do you have any thoughts on using flood irrigation in this context?


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  1. Avatar
    Pat February 10, 2019

    It sounds like that fellow doesn’t have a well or city water.

    Flood irrigation is usually from rivers. In Colorado and New Mexico they have hundreds of years of experience with flood irrigation.


    Don Bustos uses both flood and drip. He is one best growers in New Mexico.

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